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Regardless of the system type - BIPV, custom modules, backup systems with storage or standard modules, we take a pragmatic approach and examine all aspects of the proposed system beginning with the structural and mechanical requirements, through the environmental and permitting process all the way to optimizing to power generation and economic benefits for each solar system to benefit our client s.

We are proud of our work and of the results achieved and look forward to providing the same level of excellence for your project.

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Solar Electric Systems
Power Generation
Building Integrated Systems

Solar Electric Systems

Solar electricity is attractive to virtually any power user. It is equally appealing to residential, commercial, utility and government customers. There is an ever increasing demand for solar electricity from all potential market segments due to: escalating electricity prices, national security considerations, environmental awareness, power supply reliability, critical energy applications requiring continuous power as well as peak power reductions through demand response programs. Additionally, existing statewide buy-down and incentive programs along with solar systems prices rapidly declining, further stimulates growing customer demand for solar electric power.

Using our standardized PV system design and installation enables most anyone to install an NEOptions PV systems rapidly, efficiently and safely. This approach decreases overall system price while increasing quality. NEOptions’ pre-engineered and qualified photovoltaic system packages are safe, low in installation cost, easy to maintain, and we make it easy for our customers to monitor system performance. The low voltage systems are easily adaptable for an uninterrupted power supply (battery systems) back up, which can be added at any time.

Power Generation

Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. When sunlight strikes a photovoltaic cell, electrons are dislodged, creating an electrical current. Beyond the utility power line at the moment, solar power is often the lowest-cost means to provide electricity, and the simplest and cleanest to operate.

Solar energy is the most abundant resource on Earth. Each second the sun releases an enormous amount of radiant energy into the solar system. The Earth receives a tiny fraction of this energy; still an average of 1367 watts reaches each square meter of the outer edge of the Earth's atmosphere. Although the quantity of solar radiation striking Earth varies by region, season, time of day, climate, and air pollution, the yearly amount of energy striking almost any part of the Earth is vast. We can help you choose the best solution for your needs and harness the enormous energy of our sun.

Building Integrated Systems

Solar power generation in the form of BIPV can be aesthetically integrated into existing building structures as well as into the new construction market. Using all available standard building materials, technologies and processes NEOptions can design a number of different solar products for a variety of applications. NEOptions deigns, engineers and manufactures custom solar electric modules. These BIPV products are designed to perfectly match the desired installation requirements as well as overall building performance. The modules may be of any shape, translucency, numerous color variations and size.